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A UI framework for rapid development across multiple platforms (regardless of platform consistency)


wu-ui is even more powerful and fully compatible with the uni-app ecological framework of nvue, vue2, vue3, h5, and multi-terminal applets. Most components are optimized and developed based on uView 2.x, and new usages are introduced. Components can be imported separately, allowing you to import only the components you need. The source of wuui is the open-source spirit of the big shots, and I still respect and promise that wuui will always be open source, always free, and will only use the advertising configuration provided by uin-app to offset some costs when downloading some components. We hope you understand, as currently the developer is only the author. The reason for naming wu-ui comes from a joke. I once told several close friends that we should form an organization called Wolong Fengchu. The initial letter w comes from the initial letter of lie, and u comes from uniapp. Therefore, the name wu-ui is derived from uni-app and uView, and I would like to express my gratitude to them.

Applicable fields

wu-ui is a UI framework dedicated to the uni-app ecosystem. The uni-app is a framework that uses Vue.js to develop all front-end applications. Developers write a set of code that can be published to multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, H5, and various small programs (WeChat/Alipay/Baidu/Toutiao/QQ/Nailing) (introduction from uni-app). However, currently there may be some compatibility issues with other mini program platforms, except for WeChat mini programs, which will be continuously optimized in the future.

Future planning

We will optimize and solve the legacy problems of components based on the UView2.x section, and develop more practical components. In the near future, we will gradually rely on the shadow of UView to develop our own UI framework. I hope all the leaders can provide their opinions and the remaining issues in the 'review' (exchange feedback), I will solve these problems one by one.

wu-ui follows the MIT (open new window) open source protocol, which means you don't need to pay any fees or authorize to apply wu-ui to your product. Note: This does not mean that you can apply wu-ui to illegal fields, such as those involving gambling, violence, etc. If any disputes or legal issues arise as a result, the relevant parties shall not assume any responsibility.

Creating a UI framework is a huge task, especially in terms of multi end adaptation and quickly following up on official updates from UniApp. wu-ui authors often work late into the night for this The wu-ui documentation and source code are all open source and free. If you think wu-ui has helped you with your development work, you can donate wu-ui' s research and development work without any threshold, even if it's a glass of cola (I believe this is more meaningful than rewarding the host).